Strategies to keep data hungry apps in check?

I try hard to keep problematic apps off my phone. However, I may need to use apps such as Instagram and TikTok for business purposes (Ughhh). I accept that these apps will track everything I do within their app, but I want to at least be able to prevent these companies from spying on what I do outside of their apps. I use Advanced Privacy’s App Trackers denial, but I don’t know how far this goes. I also often use a VPN. I’ve heard of additional apps like Shelter & Tracker Control, but have never used them and am not sure how much they will help me toward my objective. I’m not a software engineer. I’m just trying my best to figure things out and set things up in ways to protect my privacy. I hope y’all can help guide me in overcoming this latest challenge. Thank you!

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/OS the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

  • Consider to run them on a different use account. Android supports this. On a different account you can use a fake location and hide your IP.
  • maybe run them as webapp on a seperate browser like Mull or native α.
  • murena can also assign random MAC addresses

Trackercontrol is great and more strickt than the buildin tool from murena.

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Yes, when possible, the best and simplest would be to access those services through a web browser and not the app. As said, ideally a separate web browser that you only use for this app, use ublock and privacy badger and decentraleyes browser add ons. Firefox has a second version with privacy mode always on.

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