Strictly limiting app network access and permissions

Is there a way with /e/ OS to strictly sandbox installed Android apps? I’m concerned about the access apps have to phone sensors and their ability to reach out to anywhere over the network. Perhaps there’s something that prevents access to any sensors and forces apps to have to ask me before making any/every network connection?

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For network access,
In settings, applications, choose the app.
In the app settings, choose data usage.


Additionally, you can install a tracker blocker application and block or allow any specific background connection from any installed app. (This is great for revealing the things that the user previously couldn’t see.)

Most tracker blockers take up the VPN slot, however, so you might have to switch between the two as desired.

You might take a look at this, too:

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Awesome! I didn’t know /e/ had that “data usage” thing built in. Very handy. I’ll check out Shelter too, thanks.

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This seems like a good guide for using Shelter: How to Use Shelter to Sandbox Apps on Android

(I’ve never used Shelter myself.)

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