Stuck on Odin mode/cant find Q-10 firmware for Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 A520W

After one of the latest updates to /e/, I believe to 16., my phone went into a bootloop. I was able to get into TWRP, but then it went into Odin mode (dunno what I did or what happened) and has been stuck in Odin mode since. I’m trying to find the latest firm ware (Q-10) for my device, but my search is proving impossible. I’m looking for this latest firmware after reading that the /e/ updates only work on that specific firmware.

I’m running both ubuntu and Linux mint, and so have to use Heimdall to flash everything to my phone. If anyone can link me to the latest firmware updates, and has suggestions for getting out of Odin mode it would be greatly appreciated. Getting to the point where I’m thinking of just getting a new phone lol

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There is no Samsung/Android.10/Q version avialable for the a5 2017, latest firmware is oreo.

Over it, you can install /e/android.10/Q

Well, looks like I’m getting a new phone