Styx Privacy Browser

This maybe worth adding to the /e/ Appstore

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Interesting. Thanks. I am curious about the rendering engine. I could not find the relevant information anywhere. Are they developing their own web rendering engine?

@yuksing Welcome. As for the rendering engine I am not sure. I would have thought that to be on github. Maybe you contact the developer if it is not.

I’ve tried Styx before. It’s one of many forks based on Lightning browser. The License section of the README clearly shows its influences (Lightning and Fulguris). I personally like SmartCookieWeb. Anyway, it is webview-based.

The developer of SmartCookieWeb is working also on another browser, a GeckoView-based one:

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Biscuit. LOL. Cool. Thanks for the heads up. Will give it a go as it seems quite interesting.

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