SUCCESS ! Installed and running!

Hi everybody, I’m very proud to announce that I’ve successfully installed /e/ V1 on my smartphone !
It runs very well. It is the beginning of a new digital life for me.
Many thanks Gael and the band !


w/e/lcome to life : enjoy fr/e/e/dom ! :grin:

Hi @tunedomi thanks for sharing the details of installing /e/ on your device.
Just one small correction as yet we have not released v1 the builds are still named as dev builds. The release of v1 will take some time. Initially when we started development v1 for us had a very small scope - a stable build installable on a set of devices. Then we started adding features like an AppStore, removing and reducing the number of system apps and so on. The build as such is perfectly stable - i have been using it on my daily driver for the last one year now and have never faced any issues. Since it is the same base as Lineage OS the chances of instability are almost nil. If you are interested in what comes next on the /e/ builds you can check Gitlab for more details on the milestones and what they will contain.

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@tunedomi … what kind of phone?

Samsung S4mini GT-I9195