Successful install on crackling!

This section has been quiet for a while, so by way of saying hello I would like to report that I have successfully installed the version from 2019-09-25 on my Wileyfox Swift.

My starting point was TWRP 3.3.1 and LineagOS 16.0 (microG fork), so I just did the Wipe/Format and sideload steps. The diagnostics were a bit scary:

# adb sideload
loading: ‘’…
serving: ‘’ (~47%) * failed to read command: Success

and TWRP complained that no OS was available, but I went ahead and rebooted anyway. After a long time watching the dot under the /e/ logo bounce up and down, /e/ started and took me through the setup steps OK.

I’m looking forward to exploring what /e/ offers!