Suggestions for a OpenSource Office Document Viewer

Any suggestions on a good Open Source Office Document Viewer ?

As you may be aware, we used the LibreOffice viewer with the /e/OS. Apparently it is not maintained anymore.
We are looking for good alternate solutions.

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A quick search on F-Droid gives me this : Open Document Reader

Website :
Github : OpenDocument Reader · GitHub

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OnlyOffice is Cross-Platform & OpenSource, to include Android.
It also offers optional cloud and WebDav integration. Not to mention this is the default CloudOffice for Murena Cloud. So users would have that option as well.

On device

View and edit text documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Manage PDFs, images and video files on your Android device.


Log in to ONLYOFFICE cloud to share and collaborate on docs with your team in real time. Connect Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, and other cloud services to co-edit docs stored there.

In the cloud of your choice

Connect Nextcloud, ownCloud, or any other cloud working via WebDAV. Manage, view and edit documents directly from the app.

Security first

Open-source code available on GitHub
Compliance with international security standards
Three levels of encryption: at rest, in transit, end-to-end
Secure access and monitoring tools
Extra document permissions

I use OnlyOffice. The UI is great and supports a lot of formats. The only drawback i found i that it takes a few extra seconds to load my documents.

PS: it supports pdf too.

Is it the same:

Or this one ?

@Nicolas_Sas The Exodus report would be accurate, if you were getting the app from the GooglePlay store. It even lists the source as Google. However…

If Murena works with the apk directly from GitHub, which I listed in the initial post, then that would be different. Not to mention how it’s built for Privacy & Security, which why you find it listed at Privacytools[dot]io

In the end it is just a suggestion. It comes down to the Murena team, and if it meets their needs and use case. And even then, it’s up to the individuals. Only you can decide whats best for your use case in the end.

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Indeed I had already seen it referenced on, hence my confusion when I also saw it on google play with a bad exodus report :slight_smile:

Thanks to you for the clarification ^^

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Maybe the liste here can be interesting:

@Seven We found again ONLYoffice here :slight_smile:

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@Nicolas_Sas You are very welcome :slightly_smiling_face:. I can understand the confusion. Privacy and Security are not usually the same thing. And looking up the trackers is never a bad idea. The reason I posted the GitHub link was because I was sure someone would ask that. I was hoping that having that option of a direct apk would ease any concerns, as Murena can bypass having that app being injected with google trackers etc.

But as you see on privacyguides, it’s there too. Hope it gives you piece of mind. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Oh, nice. Wanted to ask for it anyway, because the old viewer can not handle my encrypted payslips. I don’t know why, but my company outsourced payroll and since then the viewer can’t open my encrypted payslips anymore - no idea what exactly the payroll office is doing that this doesn’t work anymore :-/

Collabora Office for Android

LibreOffice built for android. Collabora is one of the main maintainer. They even have a repo to use with f-droid.


@dr.magu Great to have options…
They even have an F-Droid Repo. Nice.

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I see very good solutions here :slight_smile:

However, shouldn’t we also take apk size and CPU/memory usage in account?
/e/ is running on some low-end devices, and users with these devices may also want to open Office documents :wink:
Are they some light read-only viewers around?


first reply by @MRTN to Fdroid opendocument-reader clocks in at ~56MB, ONLYOFFICE github release at 250MB (but I think thats a bundle?) and Collabora Office apk is also ~260MB in size. But those are editors. Pretty much prohibitive sizes. The old libreoffice reader wasn’t small either at 57MB.

@smu44 Then OpenDocument Reader maybe the way to go.

Thanks @tcecyk & @Seven for your replies :slight_smile:
So OpenDocument Reader may worth a try!

@manoj maybe “good” will deserve some clarification :wink:

Some qualifying points would be

  • Ability to open preview a document .ods, .docx…
  • lightweight on system in application size and
  • easy on system memory
  • well maintained by the creator
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Thanks @manoj :slight_smile:

These point are easy to check/compare, except for memory footprint.
@all: has someone a tool for that, easy to use?