[SUMMER SURVEY] Help us make /e/ better

Dear All,

We’re getting close to the /e/ beta release anniversary! :birthday:
In the last 12 months, we have been able to increase the number of devices supported, add new and great features to the OS and much more.
But we’re far from being done and we need your help to ensure /e/ meets most of its users needs and beyond!

For that purpose, we’re keeping our promise to run 2 user surveys a year and it is time for our second survey since the beta release. It is really important for us to know what you love in the OS, the default Apps and the Cloud Services but also to learn more about the features you are looking forward to see or the improvements you’d like us to bring in new releases.

As for the 1st /e/ User Satisfaction survey, we are using Lime Survey and hosted on our servers. Like the 1st satisfaction survey, it is completely anonymous and available here: https://mydataismydata.limequery.net/756892?lang=en .
We have also added translated versions in French, Italian and Spanish for non English speakers. We hope you’ll like it!

We thank you for your help and contributions in this effort to continuously improve /e/.

The /e/ team


I’m the first to respond with the link above :grin:

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My eyes are burning, what a question ?? You know that that is a really stupid question, because it is not working ?!?!??
“After choosing /e/ as your OS, have you installed the Google Services (Gmail, Google Maps, Google Play Store, Google Drive, etc…) on your smartphone?”

Hello I cannot compile the survey since the attached error pops up every time I select the answer from the drop down menu and click on NEXT…
Of course I am not clicking back/forward browser buttons…

Pl can you try on a different browser. I just tested and was about to go through all the screens on a Firefox browser on my PC with Ubuntu OS…without any issues.

Hello, I succeeded with Chromium

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in the previous survey 4% of the respondents did declare they installed Google apps…

great, thanks for letting me know.
Best regards.

than something is wrong