Support for fairphone 3 and 3+

Is /e/ still support the fairphone 3 and 3+ ? If yes, when will be the end of support ?

I was not able to find doc on this subject.


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Of course /e/ still support the Fairphone 3, they are Fairphone parteneer…
You can’t find a end of life date because this sort of thing don’t exist, the support here is as long as possible. The Fairphone 2 is supported, the Samsung s4 from 2013 is supported…but nomore s4mini.

Have a good day You can buy a FP3…


Fairphone 3 and 3+ are scheduled to get /e/OS based on Android 13 any day now.
On paper this should be good for security updates until early 2025, if prior Android versions are any indication.

There’s no shortage of good intention from Fairphone and Murena, but nobody can and will give you any definitive guarantee at this point.


Fairphone has committed to support their own Fairphone OS for the FP3 (and FP3+) until August 2024, but has already said they aim to add two more years on top of that. And as @piero already said, /e/OS still supports the FP2, so /e/OS is still offering support for a Fairphone whose Fairphone OS Fairphone themselves only supported until March 2023.


thanks for your answer !

I it up to date also with security or just up date so the phone still works ?

Because I guess if upstream doesn’t make security patches, its a lot of work for /e/ foundation to keep those phone secure.

You may look two posts above…

Good evening :wave:,

I was making videos on my Fairphone 3+ and wanted to share multiple videos of the average length of five minutes at once via WhatsApp. The OS hand and stopped to response altogether. Having rebooted the phone, I found myself in the following situation.

Every time, I unlock the sim card with a pin, I see the message in the background stating: “The memory space is running out. Some system functions only work to a limited extent.” Passing the code to start the operating system, I’m getting the further message of “BlissLauncher doesn’t work” followed by “The log file couldn’t be loaded”. Afterward, the phone reboots itself in the Recovery mode.

Unfortunately, I can’t access the internal storage after unlocking the sim card with the pin. I hit a dead end because the Recover mode only has to offer formatting of the user data, including the internal storage. I wish to avoid that because many photos and videos will be getting wiped.

Did anyone face this or a similar situation before in the past? Please :pray: provide me some tips on how to handle the situation if you can. I’d love to avoid wiping my phone’s internal storage altogether.

Many thanks in advance!
Best greetings from Germany

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