Support for Mara phones

I hope this doesn’t come across as too political but supporting Mara phones by selling them with /e/ pre-installed would be an excellent thing for the /e/ foundation to do. These new phones at $159 or $229 are cheaper than the cheapest refurbished option - 279€. Mara phones are made in Africa and trading with them is a much better way to support the African people than giving foreign aid to their oligarchs and dictators.

Once again sorry for the slightly political overtones.

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:slight_smile: interesting idea @damianham will pass it on.

Everyone acts politically every day: choosing public transport instead of the car, wearing branded clothing, posting on social networks. The use of /e/ services is also a political statement.

Many of these actions appear to be private in the first moment. Yet they contain a political message, whether consciously or unconsciously.

Each of these actions is based on a decision, a consideration of alternatives and has an impact on others: those who produce the products, the environment in which we live, social interaction.

See also Unimax U683CL - $39.00 from Unimax Communications

I thought you were referring to MaruOS! :smiley:

This seems really nice, a very interesting find. I’m actually impressed with the phone specs for what seems to be a new company, I do wonder who is behind it… In any case, it may be a great option for a /e/ pre-installed device.

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@damianham thanks for putting Mara back on our horizon. We can definitely get in touch with them and see if they would be open for a collaboration.

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i agree with this, seems like a great option!

I guess it is supported by a giant company and its name starts with a G.
That is what I saw on Mara’s website.
So it would be great to support Mara and to de-install all the G stuff.