Support for Motorola G7 play XT1952-1?

Hi guys,

is there any chance, that Motorola G7 Play (XT1952-1) will be supported in the future?
Why it’s not supported, yet?

Thank you so much!

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/e/OS is built on LineageOS. To support /e/OS on Motorola G7 Play, there needs to be a fairly recent and up to date LineageOS ROM for it. Currently there doesn’t seem to be one: the XDA forum for this device shows only one LIneage-based ROM, (and that is a GSI, not a device-specific ROM) which has not been maintained since March of this year.

So there probably won’t be an /e/OS ROM for this device until someone chooses to spend their time getting LIneageOS to work on it/.

It may be possible to use one of /e/'s GSIs on this device, but that is beyond my knowledge and experience :wink:

Good luck

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