Support for the SM-G950U1

I just bought a refurbished phone and I was happy to have chosen a model compatible with /e/
Unfortunately, I can’t install it… for the moment.
How to know when the SM-G950U1 will be compatible?

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Same here,

I bought an S8 with Exynos 8895 (supposedly) so I could install e/ via the easy installer. But it says it is not compatible. The model in android is SM-G950U and the model that rejects the easy installer is SM-G9500. I haven’t really had a chance to know the exact model before I bought it.

Is there anything I can do to install it? is there another way instead of easy installer?

Thank you!

What is your model number ?

Hello Piero,

I think I just saw the error, the model I bought was supposed to be with Exynos chip but from what I could check, my model being SM-G950U (USA unlocked) comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon 835. So it is not compatible.

I would like to know if there is anything I can do before complaining to the seller.

Thank you!

To know when, you must personally take the control of Qualcomm company, and change some protectionist US law that forbid free or fair commercial exchange with the rest of the world.

In USA, better looking for Motorola, OnePlus or Xiaomi

Thanks Piero, but I’m in Spain and I bought the S8 from France, but they still sent me the USA model.

So in France you have 7 or 14 days ( for distant commerce ) to decide to send back
You ask for a G950F, the seller propose a G950F, and send a G950U. That’s not a correct deal,
if it is a professional seller, no problems, he know the law, ask him for a exchange, if it is a personal seller, ask him to send back money, but it could be more complicate if he say “that 's too complicate”

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Of course, I’ve to deal with the seller, thanks.