Support for Xiaomi MI 9 SE - 'grus'

Hi all, would it be possible to add support for the Xiaomi MI 9 SE?
Thank you in advance!


+1 for Xiaomi Mi 9 SE version

+1 for Xiaomi Mi 9 SE version

Yes, all for it.
Xiaomi 9SE would be nice.

Support for this phone would be really nice. The phone work very good and the reason i’m stucked to this phone is the fact that is a small phone (is indeed a phone not a tablet) and use infrared and can be used as a remote controler. Other phones doesn’t have such thing.

+1 on mi 9 SE. I want to degoogle my life and the the phone is the most important thing for me. Please make /e/ available for this phone too. Thank you for all your efforts

+1 on Mi 9 SE, would be very nice!

+1 for Xiaomi Mi 9 SE

+1 for xiaomi mi 9 se, hope somebody will bring it up, it’s still an amazing device

There is an official LineageOS ROM for this device: Info about grus | LineageOS Wiki.
So it may be possible to build /e/ quite easily.