Support request for LG G4

Would it be possible to support LG G4?

The device has currently an unofficial port of LineageOS 16.0
XDA related forum
Github dev team account

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I like LG Phones. We use LG G3 d855 and LG G5 H850 with /e/ OS.

LG G4 H815 EMEA version (Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), released 2015, April, comes with a 6-core processor Snapdragon 808 with 1.8 GHz, the GPU Adreno 418, 32GB / 3GB RAM 5.5 inch QHD display (5.5 inch, 2560 x 1440 pixels) and user replaceable battery and FM radio RDS stereo and fast battery charging 18W (Quick Charge 2.0), Qi wireless charging (optional).

LineageOS Wiki Info about h815

LineageOS Most active model
Rank 207 | 1.500 (Piece / Number)

Most active version
1., 16.0-20191217-UNOFFICIAL-h815 217
4., 14.1-20171107-NIGHTLY-h815

I would also recommend the LG G4 H815 to my friends.

Interested in G4 e support too.
I have 2, so I can test if it helps… Currently running unofficial Lineage OS 16 (Pie) with Magisk (hidden root for banking apps…) and Gapps Pico.
ROM is still maintained and upgraded (with security fixes) by the outstanding devs (steadfasterX and his team)
Links :

Magisk app is also on XDA but you need a few steps before being able to install it: Unlocked bootloader and recovery app (like TWRP) installed.
Not that hard and lots of tutos out there.
But I would love to try e with Micro-G (and probably keep Magisk too while I still have bank accounts…).

Until there is a /e/ OS for the LG G4, you could prepare the LOS 16.0 ROM with the NanoDroid-patcher for the use of microG GmsCore and then integrate NanoDroid-microG as system app. This can be easily done via TWRP “Install”.

Hello @archje,
Thanks for your answer. I’ll look into that and report back. Could you direct me to a howto for using NanoDroid so that I can save a little time?
Otherwise, I’ll just Duck-Duck it :wink: and find out.

This is child’s play because it is installed almost automatically.

Boot in TWRP Recovery and tap Install *:ZIPs

TWRP Recovery :
With the device powered off, hold Volume Down + Power until the LG logo appears, then release Power for a second and hold it again until the recovery comes up.

This applies to both NanoDroid-*.ZIP’s as well as

Ah sorry I didn’t understand what you meant…
I know how to reboot into TWRP (I have an Advanced Power Menu with reboot option to save my buttons)

So just install LoS 16 and TWRP on my test phone, download and install NanoDroid-Patcher, then NanoDroid-MicroG (no NanoDroid-FDroid?) and GMSCore (from MicroG site since I didn’t find it in NanoDroid).
P.S: Found the doc on GitLab, let me check that and stop asking dumb questions…

The sequence of the installation steps is a common thread in the topic custom ROM

1… Starting point is a suitable stockROM Android
2… Install TWRP Recovery
3… install custom ROM using TRWP Install oder adb sideload
4… using NanoDroid components …
4.1 install NanoDroid-patcher*.zip using TRWP Install
4.2 install NanoDroid-microG*.zip using TRWP Install

Sorry guys I’ve been busy on other things and haven’t had the time to work on this.
Looks like steadfasterX from XDA has beaten me to it since he put out an unofficial version of e for G4.

Haven’t tried it yet but I’ve been using his Lineage 16 (Pie) rom for a long time as my daily driver and it works really great. I’m sure his work is going to be perfect (if not already) and I’ll give it a try as soon as I have a little time.
Here’s the link in case anyone is interested:

Enjoy and don’t forget to donate for his great work (still have to do it too… :frowning: )
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I’ve been using steadfasterX’s unofficial /e/ build on a G4 for a few weeks and it’s good. I would say it’s better than official because he does not include the /e/ app store, and restricts signature spoofing to apps in the build manifest.

He also has a thread for unlocking (UsU’ing) the bootloader for models that can’t be unlocked officially:

Tried to install his quickly and ended up with a bootloop… Have to try it again to see… (G4 H815 officially unlocked)

Did it install easily for you?

Is there any use with trying to make a backup for official /e/ version?

Let me know, I found my spare phone again… :slight_smile: