Support the Razer 2020 for style points 🛹

Having recently purchased a Razer 2020 flip smart phone, I realized how badly I want to show it off- and in showing it off, I’d be able to also show off the /e/OS.

Let’s face it, no matter how many cameras an iphone has, it isn’t going to catch anyone’s eye unless they’re REALLY looking. But a flip smart phone? People will want to see that just for the effect of the lid flipping. And, in showing the lid flip, I’d have a fantastic opportunity to show off the /e/OS as well.

Pairing the privacy offered by /e/OS and the next generation of flip phones together is a match made in Heaven.

Please consider adding support for The Moterola Razer2 / 2020 5G

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

Wanted to add a pic so in case you don’t know what the Razr 2020 looks like you can see it :smiley:

When doing some research on it, apparently the razr version of android is barely modified at all from the base android design. I bet it wouldn’t be too difficult to take an /e/ port and change it up to work on the razr!

is there a guide to making /e/ support a device by yourself? I’d like to try it.

If you mean how to build a device ROM using /e/ code then there are a few posts here…we also have a very active user community that helps with the unofficial builds on the forum.

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Just bumping this :weary:
I tried to build it on my own, but I’m too smooth brained for it.