Suprprised that Swedish BankID was Suddenly Working

Since a long time back, I never achieved to get the BankID application, used by many Swedish banks , to work on the e/OS/. It was something I had giving up my hopes on. However, today I was just playing around and installed the latest version from the Aurora Store. I went through the procedure to install a new one and was very surprised that it all worked. Before, even if the app worked on the phone, it was never possible to set it up with a new BankID. The main reason was due to a QR code that it had to read in order to complete. As of today, this seems to be working fine. I had to convince myself by trying it twice.

So, as of today, I can use BankID with my Fairphone and e/OS/

Very nice indeed!

Thanks for all the great work!

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Great, nice to hear !!!

I installed it first like two months ago and never had problems getting it to work. I was positively surprised as well. :slight_smile: :partying_face:

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