Swap to a new phone

I am happy with my e/is OnePlus. Nevertheless I think about a Pixel 7 or 8 because of its camera. My wives pics are better many times over…
When I bought the pixel 7 for my wife it was a breeze to swap from S8 to the new device.

How is smartphone swap handeld within e/OS?
I am a “frenetic/power user” and my last change from S10 to OnePlus took me over a week… after installation.

Is it possible to connect 2 e/OS devices via cable and “press transfer apps”?
Many thanks

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Hi Karl. What Android version does your Smartphone have now?

You could use Seedvault, heard before about it? It should restore apps and even the data, if the app allows it.

For files itmis recommended to copy to a computer or any other storage any then copy it back to the new device.

If you haven’t done so yet, I would recommend to try a GCam port first – Google Pixel’s camera app.

Software makes a major difference with taking photos, often more than hardware. Plus if you got yourself a Pixel and would switch it to /e/OS then (or have /e/OS on it right out of the box), its genuine Google camera app would probably be replaced by the same /e/OS default camera app (a fork of Open Camera) that you are on right now.

Do I have to take a device specific one? Didn’t find for Pixel 4a

I use Nikita (two years old now) for my FP3+, but the ports are not really device-specific. BSG seems to get maintained very regularly and works on Fairphone 4 and 5 from my experience.

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