Swisstopo on /e/?

The swisstopo app (for Switzerland) is one of the worlds best map-apps. Why doesn’t it work on /e/ ?

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Sali @sirius

How is it not working? I just installed it on my FP3 with 0.16-q and the map is shown:

I use only the web page. The app has two idiotic Google trackers.

Yes sadly, had to quickly enable it via Tracker Control

I just looked for it on /e/ Application Checker and didn’t find it there. I don’t have /e/ by now, but I’m planning to install it or to buy a phone with it.
So the /e/ Application Checker doesn’t show all possible applications?
And what is “Tracker Control”?

The swisstopo app is not in the /e/ app store. It can be found and installed from the Aurora store.

You can use more than one app stores, the default /e/ app store (“Apps”) is just one of them.

An app.

You can request the app and in the near future it should be available.

Tracker Control lets you set some network restrictions in apps by blocking assumed tracker, making it sometimes unuseable

Thanks! Does “Schweiz Mobil”, based on Swisstopo, use the google trackers, too?

Yes it does, unfortunatly

Exactly the same two trackers. Like all these apps who have a commercial development behind (SBB app, MeteoSwiss and others, even AlertSwiss and Polizei Schweiz).

Trackerfree navigation apps good usable in Switzerland are OsmAnd and Transporter.

I used OsmAnd+, but I had to pay for the “plus” - it shows contour lines and other good things. How can I pay for it in /e/ ?

I use the free version. It is limited in the number of downloaded offline maps, you can have only seven, but this is good enough for Switzerland, Austria and southern Germany.

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