Switch from Bromite to Cromite

Title says it all. Bromite browser is getting stale and migrating to Cromite should be easy enough as changing the subpackage URL right ? Cromite runs on latest Chromium version and integrating it would bring newer Android WebView version to eOS too. The repo is maintained by a contributor to Bromite project.

Link https://github.com/uazo/cromite

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Dont see any issue , u can simply use mull browser

The problem is about security issue and update. Bromite is no longer maintained, cromite is a fork of this, it is mantained and update so Mull is great but if you want a good alternative with chromium, Cromite it is ok.

That is only a partial solution, even if you install any other browser. Your Android Webview would still be stuck on the bromite version which some apps now don’t support and just straight up won’t function - hence my Mobile banking app. Not even bringing up the security concerns, just like @LobiSfondati stated. Switching to Cromite would solve these issues without headache involving switching to completely different browser.

No. Custom ROMs are not like OEM stock where Chrome can be used as the WebView.
Installing Cromite, Brave, Vivaldi, or some other Chromium-based browser will not change the WebView. What is installed is what is installed.

The Cromite dev has no intention of building a webview (yet to be convinced of its importance).

Build a Cromite SystemWebView · Issue #159 · uazo/cromite · GitHub

[need help] webview building issue · Issue #314 · uazo/cromite · GitHub

please launch a updated webview module · Issue #297 · uazo/cromite · GitHub

Mulch is currently the only regularly updated webview. Its inclusion in /e/ is more than doubtful so we will be stuck with an outdated webview.
Rooted users, of course, can make use of it.


I see. I was mistaken then, sorry. I thought that WebView gets compiled with the browser automatically. Well, @joe009 was right too then. But migrating to Cromite would bring us newer e/OS/ Browser, which would eliminate the need for installing another browser.

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Last I read Cromite is in the /e/ GitLab. Here’s hoping that it becomes the new browser in a future build.

e / os / cromite · GitLab

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Oh I haven’t noticed that. Let’s hope it gets merged. :partying_face: