Switch from regular LOS to /e/ os

Hi, I am currently using regular LOS (no microG) and I’ve started to think about moving back to /e/. My question is regarding OS reinstallation. Should I firstly use TWRP to clean up the phone’s disk fully, or it would be enough to

  • go to LOS recovery
  • delete all data
  • restart the phone to recovery
  • install /e/ os zip file
  • just use /e/ (+ plus I am not sure if in this way I would have /e/ recovery mode on the phone.

I use Motorola Moto G7 Power (ocean).

I dont think you need to delete all data… try recovery and sideload eOS via adb

What version of LOS do you have (17,18,19)? Which version of/e/OS will you install (q, r, s)?

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On most devices, you can’t install /e/OS over a too much recent LOS because the related security patch date (2023.01.05 for e-1.8) have to be newer than the already installed one.

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LOS 20 (Android 13)
/e/ S (Android 12)

Then I think you will need to format data partition (not just wipe) and wipe system. All your user-installed apps and data will be gone unless you are able to create ar restorable external backup

Seedvault could work?

Maybe. I have not had good experiences with SeedVault.

For my devices I use both TWRP backup, and Android Backup and Restore Tools project

See this post for my experiences of backup


thanks for information :smiley: