Switch to a new OS version

Hi world,

three days ago /e/ proposed me to perform the update from

/e/OS 0.16-20210414110657 to
/e/OS 0.16-20210414112062.

I think there are no problems to do it automatically, but I would like a confirmation, since I had bootloop problems.

More generally I would like to know when I can safely upgrade and when I risk bootlooping.

Thank you so much!

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Same here yesterday, 0.16, but with different dates in April and very close. All went well on a Samsung S8

I forgot to specify that I own a Samsung Galaxy A5 “a5y17lte” 2017.


I still tried to update. It’s gone. However, I think there should be a system to understand if the update is compatible, otherwise there is always the risk of going to the unpleasant situation of bootloop.

You don’t get update offers for updates not compatible in principle with your device.

But nobody will be able to guarantee you that a certain update will work on your own personal device. Things can go wrong in software, not everything is foreseeable or shows beforehand in tests.

Before you attempt any update, make a backup of all your important data (you should do this anyway from time to time), be prepared to be able to set up the phone again in a worst case scenario (don’t do updates when travelling and don’t do updates when in time constraints, for instance), and hope the worst case scenario will not hit you, as the chance for this to happen is rather slim … but not zero.