Switching off PIN reminders in Signal?

Did someone recently manage to switch off the Signal feature “PIN reminder”?

When I try this in my latest Signal (Langis) version 6.28.4 on two devices I get a screen with an edit box where I can hack in my PIN (and I give him the right one!) but then there’s only a cancel button, nothing else. I can’t close this dialog successfully, and when I press cancel the reminder remains on. Is this a bug? Damned, I get these reminders every second day. This feature is absolutely for nothing.

Since I use Signal for communication only and never for “stories” or whatever what consequences would it have when I deactivate the PIN completely?

I can disable the PIN reminders without any problem.
But I do use the “standard” Signal app (version 6.31.2).

sounds odd that you get the reminder every second day … given the pin was typed correctly the time span in between reminders should get longer and longer (we´re talking weeks…)… I can confirm this behaviour. But I use the “normal” version(*) and maybe that´s different for the modified versions like Langis (?)

signal explains that the pin is…

used to help you recover your profile, settings, contacts, and block list if you ever lose or switch devices. It supports features like non-phone number based identifiers. A PIN can also serve as a registration lock.

(*)edit: it´s version 6.31.2 now and I haven´t changed device or else in a long time…

May be.

I switched these reminders off a long time ago and this did work then. Never saw them again. Then I had to uninstall and install again Langis for a reason. So my Langis installation is currently very new, just a few days old. And now I can’t switch this off.