Switching to e-os-S-1.5 without loosing your data/apps

Hereunder, the steps I follow to switch from e-os-R-1.2 to e-os-S-1.5.

  • Use Lineage documentation to switch from e-os-R-1.2 to lineage19 (android 11->12)
  • Upgrade lineage19 to e-os-s-1.5

Hereunder, the steps I follow to switch from e-os-R-1.2 to e-os-S-1.5.

It just my way to do, and may be it could be useful for some of you.
It is required that you’re familiar with adb and fastboot tools, including the connection of your phone with a computer (developper option activated, and USB debuging activated), and of course all your backups should have been done.

My feeling was that the e-os doc for install was not in line with my need : switching from Android11 to Android12 without loosing my data. After reading a lot on Lineage forum, I decided to follow these steps :

After that try on my MI8-dipper, I apply it on my daily device (Oneplus8T-kebab) and it works finely too (with the corresponding kebab files, NOT with the dipper files).
Today the single side effect I have noticed is the “fake location” feature of advanced privacy. It is stuck on fake location! If I want to use the real location (during hiking as an example) I have to disable advanced privacy. That side efect is on both dipper and kebab, so I think it’s related to the switch from Lineage19 to e-os-S-1.5



  • Extract firmware files by unzipping file miui_MI8Global_V12.0.3.0.QEAMIXM_7619340f8c_10.0.zip

  • Reboot in fastboot mode

  • Check the fastboot mode by typing : fastboot devices. If the answer show the authorized device then go ahead.

  • Go ahead flashing by typing the list of following command
    fastboot flash abl_ab abl.elf
    fastboot flash aop_ab aop.img
    fastboot flash bluetooth bluetooth.img
    fastboot flash cmnlib_ab cmnlib.img
    fastboot flash cmnlib64_ab cmnlib64.img
    fastboot flash devcfg_ab devcfg.img
    fastboot flash dsp dsp.img
    fastboot flash hyp_ab hyp.img
    fastboot flash keymaster_ab keymaster.img
    fastboot flash logo logo.img
    fastboot flash modem modem.img
    fastboot flash qupfw_ab qupfw.img
    fastboot flash storsec_ab storsec.img
    fastboot flash tz_ab tz.img
    fastboot flash xbl_ab xbl.img
    fastboot flash xbl_config_ab xbl_config.img

  • Reboot to recovery mode

  • check the recovery mode by typing : adb devices. If the answer show the authorized device then go ahead

  • Flash lineage 19:
    In recovery software use the update/sideload function, and when waiting for sideloading the flash lineage19 image file by typing: adb sideload Pathname\lineage-19.1-20220805-microG-dipper.zip (PathName is depending of your computer / install)

  • After sideload end, reboot your phone to system which should be Lineage19/Android12

  • When phone has started, check if USB debugging is still activated by typing : adb devices. If OK then type : adb reboot sideload

  • After the phone is back in recovery mode use the update/sideload function, and when waiting for sideloading then flash e-os-S image file by typing: adb sideload Pathname\e-1.5.1-s-20221103231515-dev-dipper.zip (PathName is depending of your computer / install)

  • After end of flashing, reboot to system and enjoy your new e-os-S features.

I don’t know if the intermediate step of flashing lineage is necessary, but I want to have a sure way to keep my data/apps, so I decide to keep that step.

As an add-on to my previous post, I have make some progress on the side effects:
You have to manually give access to network to e-os specific apps:

  • account management
  • advanced privacy
  • app loundge
    todo : parameters → Apps → select the specific app (App lounge for instance) → data and wifi → give network access

Many thanks ! Merci beaucoup !

I switched from LineageOS 19.1 to e-os S 1.7 on a Samsung S10 with a simple adb sideload e-1.7-s-20230110250406-dev-beyond1lte.zip as you suggest in your 1st message but some Apps don’t have access to internet… as you say in your 2nd.
For me it was :

  • Browser
  • App Lounge
  • Magic Earth (Cartes in french)

Now all work fine :slight_smile:

Upgrading a samsung S10e was not as easy as with previous transition from android 10 Q to 11R :
I have updated the firmwares as recommendend is both lineage and /e/ os instructions
Samsung has introduced a modification in their Firmware, modifying the procedure to enter recovery mode which prevents us from rebooting directly from recovery after flashing the /e/ OS recovery in fastboot/download mode. We now have to plug anything in the USB C socket in order to enter the recovery when pressing volume up + bixby + power

Procedure for upgrade was :
Removing screen lock and fingerprint (don’t know if this is absolutely necessary ?)
Flashing the latest samsung rom (including the new android 12s firmwares) with odin.
Start with official android and unlock USB Debugging
Start recovery by plugging something in the USB C socket of the telephone, then sideload the /e/ os image even if it will fail to start, it is just to prevent the official android image to start and erase the /e/os recovery, then choose start download mode.
From download mode flash /e/ os recovery as per LINEAGE instructions (used heimdall) then unplug cable and plug something else like usb drive or usb C earplugs, only then turn off the download mode and quickly press volume up and bixby to start in /e/ os recovery this time, then wipe system data and cache (factory reset) then apply update with sideload and flash /e/ os .zip

I should have used my old method to upade the firmwares without installing the full official android :
From /e/ os, start download mode (if necesary, activate advanced reboot options in developper menu)
Rename the lineage recovery to recovery.img, and pack it into a tar file with 7zip menu

flash the tar file into AP using Odin, turn off autoreboot in odin options

after flashing the recovery, turn off the device using volume down + power, then quickly hold volume up + bixby + power to reboot straight into recovery. if you did it correctly, you’ll boot into lineage recovery. if not, you will have to start again from flashing via odin (note that the USB cable (now plug something else) needs to still be connected for the button combinations to boot you into the proper modes)

when you have loaded into the recovery, wipe and format your data partition. then, get adb on your computer and use adb sideload to flash the lineageOS zip. it will go up to 47% then show an error. that is expected and is normal.

when done, reboot into system. everything should work fine from there.

EDIT : I kept neerly all my data and configuration by using the backup function in system menu and murena account synchronization.
Beware, the backup will only countain all app data if you save it on a sd card or internal storage (then copy it with a cable to a PC), I have made other backups on a USB drive plugged in the telephone but it only saved system config and a few things, not app data.
Also copy to your computer the content of the shared folder i.e. everything that you see when you plug your phone on a computer


I really miss the TWRP backup function where ABSOLUTELY everything was saved, not just the app list…