Sync Bookmarks with /e/Nextcloud

Hi everyone,
how i can integrade the oportunity, my bookmarks sync with nextcloud in /e/Cloud. In fact, i have @ my firefox on my PC the add on Floccus, that syncs great with /e/Cloud Bookmarks.

But how can i sync my bookmarks from android smartphone? With the nexcloud bookmarks app there is no integration options in /e/ Webbrowser…



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/e/ devs may be working on bookmarks phone syncing, maybe @Manoj may have more reliable information about that ?
Meanwhile, you could give this app a try :wink:

I try this APP, but there was no folder structure and all bookmarks are in one row… Not nice! :wink:

Is there no way to integrate this Option in /e/Browser?

THX for your answer…

I couldn’t find a way to enable extensions in /e/ Browser (seems common for all mobile Chromium/Bromite flavors).
So I couldn’t find a way to integrate the Owncloud Bookmarks extension in /e/ Browser :frowning:

Unless /e/ devs provide us with a integrated sync app, we’ll have to rely on a third-party app …

As a workaround, you may want to try the bookmarks PWA and bookmarklet (Settings at bottom left) :

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This is a good idea for a first workaround. But a direct integration in the browser app would be much confortable for the workflow. I open a issue in gitlab for this Problem…

stay healthy this time!


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I could do some testing :slight_smile:

With a desktop Waterfox (Modern, not Classic), Floccus is working fine.

On phone, as stated by Floccus devs, the only browser supporting extensions is Kiwi.
I gave it a try, after some privacy-related tuning and Floccus installed it’s working pretty well so far :slight_smile:. Only the OAuth method is not working, I had to use plain password.


@smu44, may I ask you how to stop the trackers in kiwi ?

I’m experimenting with floccus

I used TrackerControl, also found the integrated AD blocker not so bad.

I could live with the lack of folder structure, but I haven’t been been able to connect this Android app to my /e/ cloud, but it works with my own Nextcloud server.
For server address, I have tried
Were you able to connect the App with /e/ cloud?