Sync CallRecordings (folder) with the /e/ Nextcloud account

Hi, I wish to add the CallRecordings folder to the Nextcloud sync and have it synced with my account. I haven’t found any way to achieve this yet. Any ideas, please? Call recordings fall into the same category as photos for me: that is sync and duplicate as soon as taken.

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You know that call recordings are only alowed when you have infirmed the caller before recording? But that wad not your question.

Place the recordings in Documents folder. Than sync should work

Thank you. I’m aware of the possibility to move the recording to another location and have them sync that way. I would rather wish to automatize the process. Either by setting a different location for the recordings, such as Documents/CallrRecordings/ or Setting a new sync folder for Nextcloud. I guess it is not possible to date, so I would take it to feature suggestion. Shall I use the gitlab?

As for

Yes, please, I’m aware of it. If it is a general concern, maybe a disclaimer shall be displayed at first use of a call recording. The user would have to confirm by I'm aware or similar.

It’s Auto upload > Set up a custom folder in NextCloud app. A link between any folders can be created. Wohoo!

You seem to have a lot of experience with this function, so let me ask you an off topic question about it. Since I rely more on a third party solution, I’d like to know if the Android’s (eOS’) native call recorder allows to record all calls automatically, or I have to activate recording manually every time?

Well, the experience measure is almost binary: one either tried and he/she is an expert of it, or didn’t.

No, the call recording cannot be automatized. One have to activate by hand. Remember to request consent from the other party.