Sync /e/ calendar with windows 10

Does anyone know how to use the /e/ calendar with the default windows 10 calendar app? I used these generic next cloud instructions:

For some reason, it seems to work once: I can create a new appointment and sync that to my phone, but after that the win10 calendar app says my settings are out-of-date.

I’ve tried the following:

  • Changed my /e/ password;
  • Used the primary caldav address, rather than the macOS/iOS one;
  • Use an app password specifically for the calendar app.

I’m not sure what else to try. I quite like the win10 calendar app, so I would like to solve this.


I’ve dug a bit more: using the link I mentioned above to set up my calendar in windows 10, and making sure no email is synchronized (I think the email caused errors which confused me), I can download calendar items from /e/cloud, but I can’t upload them.

I’ll try a bit more, but it seems strange that this works half-way.