Sync ecloud with Gnome

Hi community!

I am a rather new user of /e/ and am quite happy of it!

I would like to display the content of my ecloud account within Gnome Shell (I’m on Archlinux), and also import my /e/ calendar and my /e/ contacts database.

I tried to use the Gnome setup, giving my /e/ email account as username, my password and the server URL

Nevertheless, I have an authentication error. I can display my personnal nextcloud account like that. Is that different for an /e/ nextcloud account? Do I need to install the nextcloud client?

Thanks for your return, and have a good day!

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Just in case it’s the issue : the username has to be your /e/mail address in lowercase.

Hi @RayMcCoy it should work with and your complete user id and password. I am also getting this error where it was working earlier. Have shared with the dev team to check.

pls try or

Hi folks.
Many thanks for your quick replies and suggestions. :slight_smile:

Blockquote @Anonyme Yes I used the lowercase.

Blockquote @harvey186 I tried your URLs, but the reply was that no dav entry was found.

Blockquote @Manoj Thanks to have reported the issue.

The good news is that I finally managed to find a solution. I went to the parameters/security of the cloud and I found that a password could be generated for a new device:

I then could connect in Gnome Shell with the generated password (different from mine and seemingly more complex):

Thanks you all once again for your advices!


Hi @RayMcCoy

That worked out perfectly, thanks!!!