Sync email - s9+

(I am using a translator).
Since the last update (0.19.2021 …), the email application does not synchronize. I have the / e / y account of Vivaldi’s mail. Despite being selected “automatic synchronization”, I have to do it manually. I have the Input configured as imap.
Does this happen to a colleague and knows a solution? Thanks.

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Hi @marcoscoira welcome to the /e/ forum.

I had just the same issue updating to /e/0.19 on a Samsung. It did resolve later.

Despite my sync settings being as before and meeting my needs, I saw at the top of my Inbox page “Syncing disabled” (or very similar), in place of a more usual message “Next poll in 2 minutes”.

(I also collect via Evolution on my laptop, but was not able to establish that the error was linked.)

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Thanks for your answer @aibd ,
I still have the same problem and I don’t see a solution.
Does it already work for you? Did you do something on your smartphone?

I had to look up “Vivaldi’s mail”, I did not know it. I was describing my issue with the default Mail app, which has been running fine recently apart from occasional fairly short drops.

For a web based email client are you aware of Rainloop, an App which is already integrated into your eCloud?