Sync KeePass Password DB from Phone to Cloud to PC and vice versa

I use KeePass as password manager. I want to put the KeePass database under “documents” in the Murena cloud so my phone and PC can sync changes to each other via Murena cloud.

What works is the sync between PC and Murena cloud.

However, the phone does not sync back changes of the KeePass DB to the Murena cloud. I have no clue why. For instance, when taking a picture it takes only a couple of minutes before I can see it in the cloud. So, it looks like sync works in general. But editing the KeePass DB won’t change anything in the cloud even after hours.

I’ve tried the nextcloud client on the phone but the android version does not seem to support sync on android if I am not mistaken.

What do I wrong here?
Any hints on how to achieve this without syncthing?
There is enough space left on the cloud, of course…

Thank you!

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You need the regular Nextcloud android app and sync your keepass file back to murena cloud. I’m doing and it works well.

I installed the app, clicked the 3 dots next to the documents folder, touched “sync” and pointed KeePass to the file under /Android /media/com.nextcloud…/DB.kdbx. However, it does not sync. What was your workflow here?

The solution was to tap on the Nextcloud symbol in the file manager and select the file within Murena cloud when KeyPass asks for the file location.

I pointed to the local copy under /Android/media/… which was not working.

Thanks for the inspiration Scytale! Everything works as expected now.

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