Sync nextcloud and gallery


I have my own cloud service including contact, calendar, email and photos
I was able to sync my next cloud with contact, emails and calendar. However, I would like to find a way to sync the gallery app with my own next cloud.
Is there any app that can handle this? could this be possible with out the need for a third-party app?

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NextCloud sync client app from F-droid (or App Lounge if it works). You csn configure which folders to sync, and it has an ‘Instant upload’ feature. More configurable an less buggy than /e/'s eDrive

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Hi @petefoth,

Thank you for your response, indeed I was able to configure the instant upload and it works perfectly.

Another question that comes to my mind is. Do you know If there is any independent note service that I can host in my cloud and connect to the notes phone app?

Thanks for your help

Both the phone Notes app, and the NextCloud Notes app from which it is forked, work with NextCloud services. You could install your own NextCloud instance, or use a hosted service. In addition to my eCloud account, I use both and, both of which offer a free tier with 1 or 2GB of space


Thanks for your reply.

Indeed, I host my own nextcloud server but I have no notes app in it at all.
Do I need to install it additionally? or it should be shipped with the server?

Best regards

Sorry I don’t know. Every NextCloud instance I have come across has it installed. If you don;t have it, I guess you could try installing it.

no worries, thanks again for your help, I will try to figure this out.

One final thing, can I use the /e/ Account panel to sync with my personal email? It states a different server, but does it have to be related to /e/?


Again, I don’t really know. If you want to access the mail service of your own NextCloud instance (or any other mail account) in the Mail app on the phone, then just add the account in the app.

If you want to access some other mail server from your NextCloud instance in the cloud, then I have no idea at all

eDrive use libnexcloud and already 2 way sync photos and pictures