Sync tasks from Nextcloud server to tasks app

So I host my own private Nextcloud server, and I managed to sync my calendar and contacts with it.
I just started using the tasks feature of Nextcloud, and I was hoping that the tasks would automatically be synced, but they’re not.
I’m using davx5 to sync the calendar & contacts, but the tasks don’t work.
I ticked the ‘tasks’ checkbox in the davx5 app as well…

Does anyone know how to sync Nextcloud tasks to my tasks app?

AFAIK “tasks” in /e/ is only local.

My workaround is to install “tasks” from F-Droid. But do not expect a full functionality. For example recurrent tasks do not work

I’ve added my personal nextcloud account to /e/ and task sync worked out of the box with the “native” tasks app (which is just on old version of OpenTasks iirc).

Did you try to initiate a resync by swiping down in the task apo?

No. Normally it will sync with your /e/ account when you add the account, and the tasks from your account will appear in the Tasks app. If that isn’t happening for you, it’s a bug, and it would help if you could raise a bug report in gitlab

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It’s working here, I’m adding a step-by-step so you could check that we share the same eyes :wink:

In Tasks app, you should see the “Personal” list with your account name:

Rem : you can hide the local list from the 3-dot menu, then “Displayed lists”:


On cloud, you should also see the “Personal” list, and make it default in Settings at bottom:

Then try to add a task on phone:

Then wait some time (half an hour ?), it should appear on cloud:

Note : you can speed-up the sync process in Settings/Accounts, switching the Tasks sync off & on (it should shortly display “Syncing now” when enabling):

Under the hood, we can see that Tasks rely on Calendar: tasks/src/store at master · nextcloud/tasks · GitHub.
So (I didn’t check that), I think it may help to have a calendar with the same name (“Personal”) as tasks list :wink:

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I quickly checked in “calendarobjects” table within my NC MariaDB database, I could find the task entry:

I can’t swipe down in the app? I can press ‘refresh’ though.

But I have my own personal Nextcloud server, and added it to the davx5 app, and it doesn’t sync.
Btw, I don’t have an /e/ cloud server / account. I’m just using the original Nextcloud server.