Sync with nextcloud contacts and calendars

I’m new to /e/ and have some difficulties to sync my phone contacts with my nextcloud contacts. I created a webdav account on the phone to sync with my server. My new contacts on nextcloud do appear in the default contact app but not the opposite.
On the opposite, only one of my nextcloud calendars do appear on the default calendar app.
I don’t have an /e/Cloud account.

Sorry, what do you mean with opposite ?

Could you pls check the sync/setup in the WebDAV accont. There is a point in 3dot menu right upper site ‘refresh adressbook’ or ‘refresh calendars’
And in Calender setup, are all aynced calendar activated ?

Thanks for the quick answer.
By ‘the opposite’ I meant that when I create a new contact on the app, it doesn’t appear on NC.
In Calender setup I see only one calendar and not all the calendars I have on NC.

The problem with the adressbook may be due to NC server. All my contact now appear twice on NC and have the warning “This contact was broken and received a fix. Please review the content and click here to save it.”

Sorry, I’m small on time today. But tommorrow I can send you some screenshots where you can check your setup

To complete my previous post, I’ve added another webdav account with multiple calendars and again only one seems to appear and be sync.

sorry for delay. To much to do :frowning:

OK. Here some screenshots:

  1. go to ‘settings’ / ‘accounts’ / ‘/e/’. Than push your your account. Here you can enable the sync

  2. open contacts app, push left upper side the 3 line menu and check if your synced contact account is available


  1. open calendar app, push left upper side the 3 line menu and check under ‘shown calendar’ if your calendars are available.

  2. open on bottom line ‘sync calendar’ and check if all calendars are checked

When all these things are setup, I would prefer removing e account in account manager and start over again

So if I get it correctly, an /e/ account is mandatory. But I still do not understand why
1 - The contacts added on my phone are not sync with the server, but the contacts on the server are do appear on my phone
2 - Why one of the calendar of my account appears in the ‘shown calendar’ list but not the others.

No, you can also use your own nextcloud. Sorry, have forgotten, that you have your own :frowning:

You have used WebDav I think. There is also a setup of calendar and contacts. All other is the same

I finally solved the problem by deleting the account and reinstalling it. Both contacts and calendars now works.
Thank you for your time.

perfect, happy to read this. enjoy eOS