Synch with Ubuntu Desktop

Dear community, I use Ubuntu Desktop. I would like to sync contacts and calendar between my e-foundation-phone and the Ubuntu Desktop.

Do you have any experience with this, are you maybe using a Nexcloud app for Ubuntu Desktop (

Thank you in advance.

You can configure “Thunderbird” or “Evolution Mail” for a deeper integration to the Gnome desktop environment.

The nextcloud-desktop app works fine. I’m using Debian which has a working “nextcloud-desktop” package in the regular repository, so i guess Ubuntu has it also without the need to use a snap

There’s also an called QOwnNotes which works well with the NextCloud desktop app to sync and edit notes on the desktop

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Ubuntu/Gnome has a native integration for Contacts+Calendar, just go to Settings => Online Accounts => Nextcloud and enter either credentials, use another hosted Nextcloud or your own. Not sure if gnome-contacts and gnome-calendar is part of Ubuntu, but I think so. Evolution integration is seamless and won’t need additional steps if you receive .ical Mails.
For file sync it’s the the official Nextcloud App. If you’re not yet familiar with Syncthing, give it a try, it’s p2p within your own network, shuffling gigabytes around. For anything you’re sharing with yourself and not potentially friends.

There is a distro called Ubuntu web remix it has the /e/ apps installed.

go to Ubuntu Settings/online accounts
choose Nextloud
then enter your murena user and password



Doesn’t work to me on Ubuntu 23.04 :confused:

For better help: Could you Plesse specify what exactly is not working?

Can’t you login through GOA at all, vor can you but nothing is synced?

When I did that, I had a message error