Synchronisation between ONLYOFFICE Desktop and Murena Cloud

Hi everyone,
I’m trying to connect ONLYOFFICE from Murena Cloud (eCloud) and onlyoffice desktop ?
Is someone know if it’s possible ?
On the desktop app, they’re asking for an ONLYOFFICE Cloud URL, but i can’t find it.
Thanks a lot in advance

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Hi Jaime,
i connect my Cloud in the officesuit

  • connect to cloud

  • tip on nextcloud

  • connect with your login infoermation (e. g.
    EDIT: Sorry, that was my mistake, I wrote the login misleading!

  • select the document in our cloud, you want to work on

  • now your cloud is saved in the onlyoffice suit


Hi Stefan,
Thanks for your answer :blush:
I tried but it is not working. I’m joining a screenshot just to be sure that we are talking about the same login information… are we?


only “”, the verification goes over your login… :wink:

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ahhh ok i was closed :sweat_smile:
Thanks for your help :slight_smile: