Synchronization e drive [solved]

after a big cleaning of all my photos and documents, the synchronization of photos, documents and downloads is no longer done, but the synchronization of notes, contacts and calendar is done.

I may have inadvertently deleted a file, but which one?


Sometimes it helps to delete your /e/ account and set it up again (on the phone).

Not sure what you mean with this:

After download the files i have deleted the folder… Maybe a files for the synchrosization has been deleted. I have reinstall all the OS (for another reason) et the folders have been recreated in e drive, but…no sync.

I don’t know if hidden file are used for sync, maybe @Manoj or @vincent.bourgmayer can answer that question.

To the best of my knowledge syncing enabling and disabling can be controlled from here

Settings >>Accounts >>youreemailID >> Account Sync which should show you a screen like this…

I confirm, I have difficulties with data synchronisation as well. Just tested with small videos.

  • Did not work neither direction.
  • After having deleted my e-account and reinstalled it, the video download from the server works, the upload to the server seems not to work.
  • The toggles in the account sync settings are all on.

My guess is the previous issues raised on excessive storage consumption may have something to do with this. We may have put in some extra restrictions . Pl add a bug with logs and as much detail as possible here

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I was a little too impatient! Indeed, after deleting a file needed for synchronization (I don’t see any other explanation), synchronization hadn’t been done for a month. Yesterday, after the complete reinstallation (for another reason), during the first few hours, nothing. However, this morning the synchro was active again!

So the reinstallation solved the problem, I think that a deletion and re-registration of the account at the phone level could have solved the problem.

I would like to point out that before that, I had never had any synchronization problems.

Just created a issue in Git.

The problem is back. Synchro with notes contact and agenda works perfectly, but no synchro for “picutres” and “photo”…

+1 avec le Galaxy S7
J’ai supprimé tous les répertoires présents sur le “cloud” (sauf Documents et Photo) afin de retrouver la configuration d’un compte de base. Sur le téléphone, j’ai supprimé le compte “e/”.
Puis j’ai redémarré le téléphone et j’ai créé mon compte “e/”. Très rapidement tous les répertoires du téléphone se sont créés sur le “cloud” mais vides. Puis plus rien !
Par ailleurs les calendriers, contacts, notes se synchronisent parfaitement.
Que puis-je faire ?

+1 with Galaxy S7
I have removed all directories on the cloud (except Documents and Photo) in order to find the configuration of a base account. On the phone, I deleted the account “e/”.
Then I restarted the phone and created my account “e/”. Very quickly all the directories on the phone were created on the cloud but empty. Then nothing!
In addition, calendars, contacts, notes synchronize perfectly.
What can I do?


I have exactly the same problem here with a new Samsung S7 edge, I received one week ago with e preinstalled.
Everything works fine except that my photos are no longer synchronizing with ecloud.
I tried to enable/disable the synchronization but it didn’t solve the problem.


Team is working on that, should be solved soon.


As of this morning my camera photos are uploading automatically to \instantUpload\OpenCamera on the nextcloud. Because I fiddled with the nextcloud settings (automatic upload) on Thursday evening I’m not sure if it’s something I activated or if it’s that you fixed the problem mentioned in this topic.

Merci pour la correction. La synchronisation fonctionne maintenant correctement.

Thank you for the correction. The synchronization now works correctly.

Yes, problem solved !

Is it possible to know what the problem was? (And the solution…)

You can see what’s being changed here I think in this case it was issue #95, the e-drive job stopped, and never restarted.


Thank you everyone for each answer I learn in this topic !
I’ve just installed the Nextcloud app on my phone and …it’s just amazing !!

I can’t figure out why there is no documentation about it on the forum or website ? so sad, because I was going to be mad with the /e/ drive udating twice 5 GB of my pictures, and I never asked about it !!
Now I will have a look to stop the pictures sync

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I agree we seriously need to add more documentation to our wiki. Personally am working on a updated wiki which will have documentation for all default apps available. Will take some time though :frowning: