Synchronization issues for contacts and calendar on my mobile

Dear community
I freed up my mobile with the setup-installer, which worked well.

I have issues to get my contacts and calendar synchronizied on my mobile phone.
I try it via email and password, via webdav “” without success
I use the account info and my password “1AbC4deF” notation (Alpha Numeric without special characters)
I can access to eglobal account and I do see my contacts which imported from Google via vcard
I am unable to download the contacts to my phone.

What is wrong?
Can you please help me?

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Hi @roadrunner34 welcome, I am wondering if this is a sync issue or loading the data to /e/ cloud.

In this image we see my Contacts folder (within my top level cloud instance). Then I pull a drop down. When I press Contacts within the drop down, it will show the contacts which have been successfully imported into the /e/.

First is the import ok?

Dear @aibd
Yes, please have a look to my e account, here they are. But I do not get them in my mobile

I did have an issue earlier that status.ecloud did not show fully operational for me, so just check that.

I guess you will have checked you can transmit and receive with both WiFi and mobile data. I sometimes think re-sync can be less than highest priority. A trick to bump it, is to change environments to cause the device to switch in and out of WiFi and mobile mode more than once.

Here is a link to the migration How tos