Synchronization with jtx board instead of OpenTasks

Synchronization with jtx board instead of OpenTasks

since according to the DavX5 developers a use of OpenTasks is no longer recommended …
(Settings->Accounts->WebDAV Account->Account extra settings->Hamburg symbol->Settings->Integration (Tasks app))
…I would like to use jtx Board instead. However, when I install it (F-Droid) I get a message that DavX5 is not installed.
How can I use jtx board with /e/ OS?

Install DAVx5 from F-Droid

Using Davx5 twice is somehow repugnant to me.

/e/'s Sync solution is not DAVx5 - it’s a fork, unfortunately with much of the working DAVx5 code removed or changed so that it no longer works.

Is it possible to completely disable the fork and use everything through the self-installed DavX5?

It should be. Search the forum for how to disable or uninstall system apps. (Sorry I can’t post exact links - I’m on a train with no laptop and minimal mobile connectivity)

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