Synchronizing Music with Playlists Linux->Android


In the Google world, you’d sync your music & playlists to their cloud and then that populates your device.

I’ve found Rhythmbox on Linux will copy files to LineageOS but there is nothing to sync playlists. Maybe you have a clever way to do that?


Here’s the solution I came up with.

  1. Manually copy your music folder to where you’d like it to reside on the phone.

  2. Export each playlist from Rhythmbox to the M3U format.
    Click on a playlist in the left tree nav.
    On the right at the top of the UI is a Playlist menu. Click that and Save to File.
    Playlist format select M3U.
    Save the file and change the extension to txt.

  3. Open the text file and replace the paths so that they match the new location on the phone. i.e. for me
    /home/mark/Music/itunes/Music/ is replaced with /storage/3035-6530/music/

    Don’t worry about the lines with #, i.e. #M3U – these are ignored upon import.

  4. Copy the text file to your phone.

  5. Install the app Playlist Backup which is no longer available from Google Play but is available from places like

  6. Playlist Backup allows import from a text file. You’re prompted for the location of the text file (where you put it in step 3) and whether to overwrite an existing Playlist or create a new one.

I did this for each of my appx 10 playlists.

I hope this helps someone. If you find an easier or automated way to do this, please post.

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An even better solution…

Vanilla Music is an open source music player that can import m3u files so Playlist Backup isn’t needed.