Syncing contacts over usb cable

is there a way to synchronize user data (contacts, calendars, tasks) with Evolution and files (pictures, music, videos) over usb cable, best automatically when i plug in the cable with phone? Currently i am running /e/ on Samsung Galaxy S7 and computer is Debian based Linux. Thank you very much for suggestions.

p.s. thanks much for creating /e/. I am very happy with it and started to recommend /e/ to my IT friends!

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As far as I know: NO, but why don’t using the ‘normal’ sync via ecloud ??

Hi harvey186,
i want to sync via cable as i do not want to put my data in any cloud.

Mhm, Oky. Hope you will find a solution. Have you ever tried Samsung Kies ?

harvey186, they do not have Linux app.

Ah, Ok, than I will give up. Sorry

You have a linux machicne so you could host your own private cloud cloud: see the ecloud-selfhosting repo .
Some posts in the forums too: this one looks useful.
Good luck!

[Added later] Doesn’t have to be eCloud. You could run NextCoud server instead: the /e/ software supports conacts and calendar sync with NextCloud out of the box. And lots of information around about running NextCloud server on Debian, e.g. here or here

→ should work “out of the box”, as long as your USB is setup as MTP (on phone)

Thanks Pete, that seems a good direction hint. :+1: Will try and leave feedback.

@petefoth Hi Pete, i did try to install e-cloud-selfhosting, but did not succeed. The install script does not even download all the files from repository (deployment folder and its content). When i created them manually, the script ran, but at the end tried to run another script (/mnt/repo-base/scripts/, which does not exist even in the repo. So although it might be a nice piece of softare, i can not test it, as i do not get over installation process on standard debian machine. Will try nextcloud instead and we’ll see. Thanks for the option anyway.

@smu44 Hi smu44, Nothing happened when i connected my phone to my computer with usb cble. This is what i actually expected to happen. MTP on my phone was set, although i had to enable developers menu, in order to check its setting. There needs to be another piece of sw on the computer, that deals with data and another one, intermediarry, that detects connected phones and bridges phones data to application. That is what i am looking for. The only solution that used to work for me out of the box was only iPhone with iTunes. But times has come to move to new hw and thus need to look for new sw as well. Happy i found /e/. Just need to figure out a way to make it work in production. Will leave fedback if found.

Hi @liborb,

Please take a look at this howto :

As for self-hosted /e/ Cloud, it does work … at least on a fresh 18.04 Ubuntu Server install.
Please share your logs here, I’ll be happy to help :slight_smile:


Works fine for me (Debian Buster / Xfce4) : I plug USB cable, enable MTP on phone and then Thunar shows the device. Clic and I can browse… but pics aren’t shown direct from phone, I have to copy them in a folder on PC first. Same for musics : I can see the titles but can’t hear before copying…

PS : perhaps try :

Hi @trefix, thanks for suggestion. I did check your procedure, it works as you described. Interesting thing is i can’t create any folders in mounted folder, not even as root. It seems, I just need to find a better way of syncing the data, as this does not deal with contacts, tasks and calendars, so i will check first the above mentioned self-hosted /e/ cloud again. Thanks for your try though.


I can create folders in phone from my PC, drag’n’drop ans so on…
Did you allowed your phone to exchange datas with ‘this’ computer ? I don’t remember exactly when, but mine (/e/phone) asks me after each fresh install… (I’d tried a lot of ROMs, in january).

Perhaps you can come back to the pop up ‘allowing this computer’ from general settings. Don’t know where, but someone here certainly does ! :wink:

There is another discussion about this, maybe take a look there: