Syncing with own Nextcloud (without trusted certificate)

Is it possible to sync /e/ with my own Nextcloud on my local network?
Will /e/ accept my own certificates? (DAVx5 does)

I don’t want expose my Nextcloud to public - so please don’t discuss using letsencrypt.
My Nextcloud is already setup and running for months - that’s why I would not like to switch to the provided docker image providing these services.


Hi @gresp one of our team members @Markus had documented how he had self hosted. You may read about it here

@Manoj, thanks for the hint. I already had a glance at the tutorial before.
However, it includes port-forwarding & letsencrypt.
As I stated: I don’t want to expose my Nextcloud to public.

Will /e/ accept my own certificates in my own network or do I need letsencrypt?

My first attempts showed that all DAVx5-related services work, including tasks & Notes. These apps allow me to add exceptions for my own certificates.
File-syncing with eDrive is not working.