Syncronisation S8

I have install /e/os with easy installer and on the phone everything works correctly.

But on my murena cloud i have 7 contacts but 8 on my phone ?

I have put 13 music files on my murena cloud but nothing on my phone.

For create my login on community, i have give my murena mail adress, i have found the email for the link in the cloud mail box but not on the phone mailbox?

Have you solutions, thank you for your help

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I also have problems syncing my stuff from the phone to the cloud. I also use a Samsung phone, but not the S8. Maybe for Samsung phones something has to be done before syncing works.
Does the calendar of your phone sync to the cloud (if you use it)? Mine doesn’t. Do the media - photos and videos - sync to the cloud? Mine don´t .
I have contacted the Murena customer service, but haven´t got solutions yet.