System Apps keep stopping on FP3 p0.16

I have /e/OS Android 9 0.16-20210425112188 on my FP3 installed, rooted and Magisk installed.
A while ago I realized that some of my system apps are not working anymore and I get the message that either “Settings keeps stopping” when I want to check my Data usage or “Updater keeps stopping” when I try to run the Updater. Besides that, everything seems to work fine.

Is there a way to fix this without a complete wipe and new install?

You can try the following two things in Settings - Apps and notifications - See all [number of] apps - (three dot menu) - Show system - (choose the App) …

  • Force stop … then reboot the phone.
  • Storage & cache - Clear cache … then reboot the phone.

Unfortunately that does not change the behavior. I think I first noticed this after I flashed Magisk again after an update.

Seems like this is my unrequested chance to switch to Q…
Thanks anyway!

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I got something similar on Samsung Galaxy S8 (SM-G950F).

The most prominent symptom is the message “Apps keeps stopping” when tapping the Apps (foundation.e.apps).
Another one is that I can not open some websites, for example

Interestingly, this doesn’t happen if I have a SIM card from Telekom inside the phone. Then no problems occur.
But with SIM cards from the norwegian ice, or Telenor are inside, the problems rise.
It is a single SIM phone.

- Clearing cache and local storage - then it only crashes when tapping “Updates”.
- Factory reset.
- Format Data, wipe cache and system in TWRP and re-flash /e/.

OS flashed:
The same happens with ver. e-0.16.

Apps and the browser work fine when connected to WiFi and with mobile data turned off though.

The only thing that helps is to choose 3G first and then LTE as a “Preferred network type”.
“SIM Tool Kit” refuses to run though.