System navigation broken after update - Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 - Lavander /e/OS 1.1-20220629200240

I received a notification for a system update a few days ago. I did it today but it broke the navigation system.

I can go back to home and click the back arrow (tho it sometimes does not work → it seems like it depends on the apps).
However, I cannot see opened applications, nor switch from one app to another.

Before the update, everything was smooth.

I tried to switch gesture modes to see if it’d help, it did not.
I also saw a popup for the service Trebuchet having stopped responding.
I checked a few minutes later, but I saw it was running again, tho the navigation was not working.

Any idea on how to fix this issue?

Hi @Rushi welcome to the /e/ forum.

One might look at this as an issue with the launcher; /e/ uses Bliss with help from Trebuchet to enable the horizontal swipe for Recent apps.

Please try

  • Settings > Apps and notifications > Show all > Top right 3 dot menu > Show system > Bliss Launcher > Storage & cache > Clear Storage | Clear cache

  • Settings > Apps and notifications > Show all > Top right 3 dot menu > Show system > Trebuchet > Storage & cache > Clear Storage | Clear cache

Be aware that simply Clear cache might solve the problem, while Clear storage is more likely to be the solution.

In the case of Trebuchet, you might as well go straight for Clear storage.

In the case of Bliss when you Clear storage you will lose some data and settings in the Home screen, most noticeable being rearrangement of your icons.

If you mean “Navigation” as in #gps, please come back again! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the reply! It took a while, but at some point I did reboot the phone, which seemingly fixed the issue. It is common practice to reboot a computer to fix something, idk why I didn’t think of it for my phone …

Anyway, thanks for your reply!

I’ve been very busy so I couldn’t be here sooner to check it off. :frowning: