System partition to small

So i am trying to install open gapps pico because microG dose not support Google Vision API or MLkit.
But i get an error because the system partition is to small so i cant install it.
Could you make the system partition larger or add the option in recovery mode to resize the partition like in TWRP?
I cant install TWRP because there is no version of TWRP for my device.

/e/OS ROMs do not support Google Mobile Services + OGApps. MicroG services are built into the system and cannot be easily replaced by “Google ghosts”.


what is your device name ? and its storage capacity ?
selected apps installed by default take place…

what is the problem with those apps ? does Magisk mods can help ?

Because no developer gives any reply I will just downgrade to the original device Android version. Good buy e os/foundation and Murena.

That is a fairly clear “I’m Off” statement.

We generally do not see developer comment on this user forum.

I have a small system partition device. Yours is a fairly technical question. Resizing partitions is a high risk activity if done by someone without the underlying knowledge.

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And even if done, it will not help in achieving the intended result here.
/e/OS includes microG in the system, Open GApps and the like can’t be installed and expected to work this way.