System Pedometer

I recently upgraded to a Murena Teracube 2e phone. I had a Teracube One running stock Android previously.

When I downloaded the Noom app on my 2e I received an error message saying “Your device doesn’t support the system pedometer.” I often had issues getting the pedometer on Noom to accurately register the steps from the system pedometer back when I had the Teracube One. But I never got the above error message saying it was totally incompatible. Not sure where to locate settings for the pedometer either.

I’ve posted on Teracube forums as well but haven’t received assistance yet. Any help is appreciated!

I was hoping to test on my T2e but could not. After blocking all nine trackers I started it up but it required a login. That’s not gonna happen.

I checked with CPU Info and all the device sensors work. I assume you granted the Physical Activity permission. Other than that I do not know what else it could be. I wonder if it works with certain chipsets(?).

Thanks for checking into it. Yes, I granted the Physical Activity permission.