System settings: storage crashes

Hi all

I’m trying to access the system setting “storage” to manage my sd-card. In the menu of the settings-app, the storage-icon displays “61% used, 6.29 GB free”. As soon as I tap on it to open, the system setting app crashes (disappears, display shows me me desktop instead of the storage setting dialogue).

About one month ago I had changed the setting to use the sd-card as internal storage. Not sure, if I ever re-visited the storage settings since then, so the crash might be a consequence of activating this functionality? Or from the most recent system-updates? (I’m running /e/ 0.10 on Samsung A5 2016)

any help is greatly appreciated


you could report the issue with some logs attached (if possible with this method, or with this one).


Turns out that the storage card was broken and caused the system settings app to crash… a new sd card was all that was needed

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