System Update crashes updater

This morning I got a notification that there was a new system update for the Fairphone 3.
I have tried to install the update, but the updater crashes everytime I try to install the update.
Is there something I can do to get rid of this problem and install the update?

Current installed version is /e/OS 0.9-2020051454221, available update: /e/OS 0.9-2020060957753.
Thanks a lot for your help.

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This morning I saw an update to 0.9-2020061058046. It went smoothly.
Now I get an update to 0.9-2020061158052.
What happens if you go to the app Settings
go to System
go to Advanced
go to Updater

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Hello Lidwien,
Thank you for your help.
Regrettably the same thing happens when I go via the path you describe.
The only difference is that I get the following message: “Updater keeps stopping”
And then I have the option to go to the app itself. I can disable it or force stop, but that is not something I want in either case.
I have just rebooted the phone, just to make sure nothing got in the way of things. I then deleted the update that was downloaded and when I now check for an update, nothing is found.
Maybe the update got pulled back between the time I downloaded and now.
I think we can close this case.

There is indeed no 20200609 update listed anymore …

Correct, but when I try to download a new update, it does not find that one either.
So there is something funny going on.
I cannot find the image number that is on my phone on that website either. That makes me wonder a little.

It seems the build on my phone is between the build of the 14th of May and the one on the 10th of June.

What is it saying in the updater page in your phone?
Did you try the update icon on the right of the screen in Updater?

Hello Lidwien,
OK, things have changed now… :- :thinking:

The system is now updated to version 0.9-2020060957753.
And when I now press the update button, nothing new is found.
It seems it has updated something.
What is confusing though is that the list of images contains different numbers than the one I have (and had) on my phone.
So far so good. I will look into this a little more when it happens again.
Thank you both for your help and suggestions.

Perhaps a reboot will help to get the latest update.

No, no new update is found after the reboot at the moment.
Thank you both once again.

My FP3 running 20200514 shows an update available to 20200609, even after reboot and refresh, but the page shows the following. Should I wait a bit to run the update? [MD5 | SHA256] [MD5 | SHA256] [MD5 | SHA256] [MD5 | SHA256]

Try again tomorrow. Normally the updater checks once a day for an update.

The updater still shows 20200609 as the latest version. I installed that and there are no other updates available. Is there something like another OTA channel for getting the newer updates?

I have a pre-installed FP3 from /e/.

What does Settings - About phone - (tap on “Android version”) - /e/ version say?

Mine currently says “0.9-p-2020061158052-dev-FP3”, corresponding to the “dev” downloads from the install instructions.
I suspect a different channel release wouldn’t include “dev” in its name, but “stable” or something else.


Right, it says “0.9-p-2020060957753-stable-FP3”.

The phone is in developer mode, but I haven’t found a setting for the OTA channel.

Hi @leif phones which are purchased from /e/ come with a build which is labelled ‘stable’. To understand the difference between dev and stable builds check this post.
You do not need to change any setting to get OTA updates . They will show up on the notification when available.
There is a way you can manually check if for updates
Settings >> System >>Advanced >> Updater
Here you will see an icon of a curved arrow on the top right


Tap the icon and it should refresh the screen and show if any updates are available . If not it displays a message that no updates are available.

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