T0lte kernel backport of security patches and mount namespace and security patches in general

I’m curious trying /e/ Android and I already installed it on my old t0lte (Galaxy Note 2 N7105).
I noticed that the kernel is very old (kernel 3.0.101) And the base is a Android 7 lineage. According to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Android_version_history#Android_7.1_Nougat_(API_25) Android 7 is no longer supported by Google, which explains the patchlevel 2020-Aug-05 in the October build (and maybe why there is no November build).

I wonder weather security-related patches, especially kernel patches, are backported in /e/ or whether there is any hope for future support of higher Android (major) versions.

Even if that is not possible it would be nice to backport the mount namespace from kernel 3.8, as this is needed for Magisk to work properly. According to the git commit in Boeffla kernel git repository this seems fairly easy https://github.com/pascua28/Elite-Boeffla-Kernel/compare/08d145635e08ee47bb90b9c0686e46fc80ec97e8...e70aba81158e6d3e7eeb63888e03f9d33a0fe312