Tab S6 Lite: upgrade from v 0.18 to 0.21


For not so long ago I installed the then available v 0.18 on this Tab S6 Lite.
I have had issues with no sound and also video playback. Therefore I haven’t been using this device since then.

Today, to my happy surprise, there was an update to download. The version jumps now from 0.18 to 0.21. When attempting to install the update I get this message on the screen (please see the below picture):

Do I need to flash the recovery first manually from an ADB shell?
And then do I need to install the update also from the ADB shell or I can install it from within the device itself through the Updater?

Looking forward to your advice!

Edit: Adding another picture that might give some more info. This is the settings I have in the updater:

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Hi again,

I just wanted to post an update to my previous post.

I went ahead and applied the update from within the Updater. Everything went fine. The device rebooted into /e/ and my issues with sound and video playback are resolved. I couldn’t be happier. Now I can finally start using the tablet.

Thank you so much e foundation, all the devs and everybody involved in /e/ os.

Just one question: can I be certain that the recovery also got updated to the latest version since I have “Update recovery” setting enabled in the Updater?

If you are using /e/ recovery, normally yes. However, by my side, I still got the same recovery (0.18) as before. So I did flash manually the new 0.21 recovery in fastboot mode using sideload command. (Linux Ubuntu). First I had to activate developper mode and ADB debugging bridge.
But it’s easy to check. Restart your device in recovery mode (generally Vol+ and power button) and you will see the /e/ recovery version on the top (should start with 0.21).
Then press “restart system”.


Thank you so much for the reply and the explanation!
I just restarted the device into the recovery and I can see Version 0.21 on the top as you described.
That’s great! Thanks again for putting my mind at ease :blush:

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