Tabbed browsing in default browser

I feel this must be right under my nose, because surely /e/OS default browser must do tabbed browsing, but I can’t find it!

The browser is apparently based on Ungoogled Chromium, which I have also installed. But Ungoogled Chromium does tabbed browsing, exactly as you would expect for a Chromium-based browser - see arrow on RHS picture and compare LHS.

I also can’t find a way to import bookmarks - again, Ungoogled Chromium does this, and I can import to that as .xml.

Are these features really missing?

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No, not missing!

Perhaps explore the 3 dot menu top right.

“New tab”

Bookmarks > 3 dot menu > !Import.

Hi @aibd -

‘New tab’ certainly exists, what I can’t find - which I would expect to find by clicking on the tab button I marked up - is the ability to jump between open tabs or groups of tabs. For example, by clicking on the button I highlighted in Chromium, I might get something like this:

…so can quickly jump to any other open tab or group of tabs. Is that there somewhere, because it certainly isn’t where Chromium usually places it?

Many thanks for that fast response!

yeah … got that … press the square icon with 28 in it … 28 tabs open.

I guess I had to open/create and populate them first! :slight_smile:

… sure the little down arrow does not exist.

Are you saying that for you, that square icon I pointed out in my original picture on RHS exists in /e/os default browser? I never get that square icon, even with 28 tabs open! :smiling_face_with_tear: :smiling_face_with_tear:

28 now 32!

Okaaaaay, so yours looks and behaves exactly as I would expect a Chromium-based browser to behave… and mine doesn’t! Not sure where to go from here, but at least you’ve confirmed what mine ought to be doing! Many thanks again for responses.

Similarly with bookmarks. In image below, LHS is what my /e/os default browser looks like when tapping three dots - i.e. not a specialist bookmarks menu at all. RHS is what Ungoogled Chromium looks like, includes import and other bookmark options. And since you say you have an import option, it appears once again there is a problem with just my default /e/os browser.

From Browser Settings > About Browser I see App version 100.0.4896.57

No, not missing, see explanations above.

But I can assure you I did also search for a while, this GUI is not very intuitive. Also importing bookmarks and then placing them somehow in an order.

And if you close the last tab the three dots menu looks suddenly very short. There are no bookmarks anymore, no history, no nothing. You have to find out that you must first open a tab, then you can do all the other stuff again. – Why does the app allow a state where nothing works except manually getting out of this state?

I think you are also confirming that yours is working how I’d expect. Sometimes these explanations do help - you’ve previously pointed out something obvious that I’ve missed. Here, I still can’t see what it is. If I go to three dots > bookmark all tabs, it will create a tabs collection of 27 bookmarks, which is consistent with me thinking I probably have that many tabs open. But no tabbed browsing square with a number in it ever appears.

What I cannot reproduce is missing “square tab indicator icon”.

If I close all tabs I get a “new” situation where I must open a tab or exit.

When I open the tab I immediately see the “square icon” with a 1 in it.

Edit, seems extreme, but if Browser is behaving as if “contaminated” you might

Settings > Apps and notifications > See all apps > Browser > Storage & cache > Manage space > CLEAR ALL DATA

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Clear all data worked, thank you!

(At least for tabbed browsing back. Not sure what other settings it might have cleared, but the fresh start will be worth it!)